• Rubbish
    The rubbish is a massive problem on the island. Especially hotels produce a lot of rubbish and therefore we finally got rid of plastic bottles. We are selling water from the dispenser. You can drink as much as you want and refill as many bottles and glasses you wish for. We will charge only 2.000TZS (less than 1 $) per day per person (kids drink for free).

    We also support LLA, a great initiative here in Jambiani. Every Sunday you can join their rubbish collection or leave a Tipp for the collectors, we will add our donation up with yours.
  • Plastic Straws
    We don’t use any straws anymore. After abstaining from plastic straws, we tried different models, but either they were taken after days, broken or turned out to be not very appetizing. So, we have none and that works just well!
  • Cultural Awareness
    We believe that there’s not much worse for a local mama than sitting in front of her house in silence, washing her laundry and watching her kids, while 15 speedy Quadbikes pass her. Or if a guest passes by and does pictures of her unasked. We understand, that in this culture, women should at least cover their knees and shoulders and men shouldn’t walk without a shirt.

    We do believe its important to support the local community and introduce you the most beautiful NGO projects. However, doing businesses on the beach is not recommended.
  • Ocean Life
    All dolphins are slowly but currently leaving their home near Kizimkazi. The dolphin tours over the years became such a chase, that we do not offer those kinds of tour.

    Please don’t touch the starfishes. As soon as they are taken out of the ocean, they don’t only suffer - they will most probably die afterwards. Please respect the reef. We wish to remind you to not step on the reef nor to touch it or take corals out of the ocean.

    Beachboys might try to sell you big and beautiful shells. We highly advise you to not purchase them. They are protected and it is prohibited to take them. You might be stopped and even fined at the airport when departing.
  • Restaurant
    We only cook what grows on Zanzibar. If there is shortage of different items, we are refraining to offer them. We do not buy baby octopus and therefore running short on them sometimes.